CNU Medical Center

California Northstate University Medical Center, when completed, will be the first hospital in the City of Elk Grove.


Delivering in 2022

The CNU Mission:
To advance the art and science of healthcare

A new medical center and teaching hospital are coming to Elk Grove. California Northstate University has unveiled plans to build Elk Grove’s first hospital--a 250-bed facility adjacent to its campus and College of Medicine at 9700 West Taron Drive. The 475,000 square foot facility is being designed by San Francisco-based Fong & Chan Architects.

A new medical center and teaching hospital are coming to Elk Grove.

California Northstate University has unveiled plans to build Elk Grove’s first hospital.

The 250-bed hospital would be located adjacent to the university’s campus at 9700 West Taron Drive.

About the Hospital, Medical Center and Medical School


CNU Elk Grove Campus:

  • 2014 — CNU opens its campus in Elk Grove
  • 2015 — Medical School is accredited
  • 2018 — Purchases of shopping center land adjacent to the CNU campus
  • December 2018 — CNU holds press conference to announce CNUMC and Teaching Hospital project
  • May 2019 — First Medical School class graduates


  • 2020 — Hospital construction to begin
  • 2022 — Projected completion

Project Phases

  • Phase I — 250-bed teaching hospital, below-level and surface parking
  • Phases II and III — Timing and specifics subject to modification with new dormitory location to be determined; possible addition of 150 beds and Level II Trauma Center designation. Outpatient clinic, medical office building, two parking garages, medical school expansion and dormitory

...teaching hospitals not only serve as the training ground for America's health care workforce, they provide the most advanced medical care in the best facilities in the world and serve as hubs of medical innovation.

--Dr. Darrell G. Kirch, President and CEO, Association of American Medical Colleges

The CNU Teaching Hospital

  • Trains future generations of physicians while delivering state-of-the-art health care
  • Encourages graduates to live and work in the area
  • Utilizes team and collaborative approach to optimize patient care and outcomes

The CNU College of Medicine

  • Attracts top Faculty and Students
  • Highly competitive — 2% student acceptance rate
  • Top 25 of U.S. Medical Schools Student Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE Step 1) — 99% passing rate

Overall Site Plan

rendering of hospital site plan


California Northstate University Medical Center — Regional Economic Driver

Average home values are higher in neighborhoods with hospitals.

--Sacramento Association of Realtors

California Northstate University Medical Center (CNUMC) will have a major economic impact on the City of Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento region. According to a study by leading economic analysis firm Varshney & Associates, over the next 10 years the medical center is estimated to have the following overall impact:

  • An additional $4.04 billion in total economic output
  • 24,000+ new jobs (direct and indirect, region-wide)
  • $113 million in new business tax revenue for the City

$5,600 — Average annual economic benefit per household in Elk Grove.

--Varshney & Associates

California Northstate Medical University will create:

  • New career opportunities in the health care field
  • Incentives for more health care professionals to live and work in Elk Grove
  • More customers for area restaurants, retail stores, and other local businesses
  • Increased home and commercial property values

According to the American Medical Association, the nation's more than 1,000 Teaching Hospitals:

  • Directly employ 2.7 million people
  • Are among the largest employers in their communities
  • Serve as hubs for biomedical research and other business activity


California Northstate University Medical Center — Improving Public Safety

California Northstate University Medical Center will improve public safety for Elk Grove residents by:

Reducing response times to access emergency hospital care:

  • Which will increase survival rates for cardiac arrest, stroke and other critically ill patients

Working with the Elk Grove Police Department, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, Cosumnes CSD Fire Department and local mental health agencies to ensure a safe hospital environment:

  • Increase the presence of law enforcement patrols on the medical center campus and in neighboring areas.
  • Establish and implement effective protocols for intake, treatment and release of all hospital patients
  • Create special programs with dedicated staff to address mental health and substance dependency